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Homes 4 Happy Dogs, Inc. is a NH nonprofit organization.  Our mission is to provide quality all breed canine rescue and re-homing services, community education and training and animal welfare service and support.  We are privately funded through  adoption fees and volunteer work. 

We rescue and adopt dogs and puppies, provide all medical attention with up-to-date shots, spay/neuter procedures and grooming. Our rescue's are focused on highly overpopulated and abandonment areas within the United States and coordinated with local shelters and affiliates. A detailed protocol is followed for all rescued dogs to provide quality care and conditions. 

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About This Page

Homes for Happy Dogs, Inc. created this simple  "landing page"  with linked adoption content to insure continuity of our mission and goals until our website is completed.

Our adoptable dog listings (photos & info) are shown by clicking on "Available Dogs" in our menu above.  All dog listings are clearly marked and contain  identifiable links to our Adoption Application, Contact Information and Terms & Conditions.

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