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At Homes for Happy Dogs, we get a new group of quality dogs shipped in from all over the country on a weekly basis. 

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***To be considered for adoption or foster, you MUST fill out an  Adoption Application and read and agree to the Terms & Conditions.***
Homes for Happy Dogs    109 Dover Rd Chichester NH                                603-961-0234
Killian is a 1 yr old Pit mix and the kennel owners favorite. Killian gets along with everybody. He is a big love.  Stop by and play with the big guy. You will fall in love too.
The Playful "P" Litter

. they are around 14 weeks.
 Lab/Terrier mix's.
 They both look almost identical!! 
Updated picture.
 Currently in Foster in Mass. 
These guys are raring to go and awaiting their Furever homes!

    Earnie was adopted to a great family. But was very scared and timid upon arrival. The adopters tried there hardest and couldn't get home to come out of his shell. He is now back at his fosters and doing much better although he can still be shy at times . 

He is currently looking for his new furever family!

Here some pictures and videos from his recent adventures!
Steps to Adopting:

1. Fill out our adoption application, here on the website

2. Receive a phone (interview) call from Stephanie 

3. Adopt 


Dog friendly, people friendly, sweet dog, I feel so sorry for this big sweet lovable dog, WHY, WHY IS BENNIE STILL HERE?? He truly is the sweetest dog, he truly loves people, kids, small and big dogs. "FOSTERED"
 HE HAS JUST COMPLETED HIS HW TREATMENT ON 2-24-17 and now is looking for his Furever home!
Hudson is a 2 year old, male, Lab mix looking for a home. He needs to be the only dog, but has tons of love to give to all the people he meets! Hes looking for  his furever home !

Rapper is an 11 month old, neutered male, lab / terrier mix. Rapper loves children, loves to play and is great at alerting you to visitors. Rapper doesn't get along with other dogs. 

Arizona is a 2 year old, male, Terrier mix looking for a new home. If your interested in learning more or giving her the furever home she deserves; contact us!
Please Read!! Leader is need of a new home!

                                We are looking to re-home our lab heeler mix dog (named Leader). He was born in September 2015 and is and 18 month old neutered male. He is a rescue dog that we got him from Happy Homes for Dogs in Chichester, NH when he was a puppy. He is a very smart and trainable dog with lots of potential. Unfortunately we are finding that our schedules, and his need for attention, exercise and training, are not working and we have decided that our family dynamic is not the right fit for this dog. He would do best in a home with 1 -2 adults and no other pets or children (we have a younger son and 2 cats). He behaves and responds well to clear strong commands and would train well with someone (probably an adult) who has the time to work with him. He does require a lot of attention. We were told at the time that we got him that he had been separated from his litter mates because they picked on him. We have noticed that he tends to show some aggression when he feels threatened and needs to be handled carefully, but does respond well to strong clear commands from adults (and he knows when he has done something wrong). He himself is a strong, high energy dog and would likely do well if he had a job to do. We care very much for him and want him to be in a home where he is able to thrive and live to his potential. A home where he has the opportunity to run and explore would be best. He loves to be outside and has thoroughly enjoyed the snow this year. Some of his exceptional qualities are that he is patient, he listens and he wants to do the right thing (and often does but sometimes makes the wrong decision). He is crate trained and house trained very well. Some of his challenging qualities are his high energy, his exploit of weakness (that is why we recommend no children or other pets), and he does have a tendency to display resource guarding.
Hannah Montana
        Hannah is a 10 yr old basset hound. She is losing her hearing or is just an old girl who doesn't like to listen. We are going to have her ears checked;later this week. She loves kids (will follow around), attention, car rides (although she gets sick) and being your princess. She wants to be the queen of your castle. She loves to say hello to you every-time you come home and sing about you when your gone. She likes other dogs but prefers to be the only dog.She is looking for her new castle abode' will it by yours? Below is a Glamour shot of her. lol The only good picture I could get! :) 
Katie Perry

She was rescued as a Mumma, 
How needs her Furever home!

 She is learning house manners. She still likes to jump up to get attention. Although now if u say no, She will Sit and look at you to request attention. She knows Sit, No, Leave it, Down and Off.

 She is just over a year old and is still a puppy at heart and needs someone to help her learn household manners; and house training (She does o.k. now and will ask to go out).

She is looking for a Foster and/or her Furever home!

She's in love with Kids, So a family would work great ! Although She also Loves individual attention, car rides and other dogs.
So she would also be fine in a smaller household; like a couple or single woman as well. 
She is in foster with us; please contact us if interested in fostering or adopting Miss Katy Perry!
Lady (Bug)

Lady Bug is a 1 1/2 year old, female, Collie mix looking for her forever home. This sweet girl had an injury to her front leg that healed improperly but causes her no pain. She has the cutest head tilt you have ever seen. After verification that she doesn’t have inner ear damage it was determined her tilt may be due to old nerve damage in her neck. Ladybug has beautiful Blue eyes that will melt your heart and gets a long with all dogs and humans.


Tia is a 3 year old, spayed female, Lab mix.
 Tia is an owner surrender and she isn't enjoying shelter life. If you are ready for your new fur family member come take a look at Tia. She smiles and wiggles from head to tail when you talk to her. She is one sweet adorable girl looking for a new home! REPORTED TO BE HOUSE-TRAINED BUT PREFERS TO BE OUTSIDE AS MUCH AS POSSIBLE.

Midnight is a 5 year old, female, spayed, Terrier mix. This girl came in over a month ago and was so skinny and neglected it would have made you cry. This sweet girl’s attitude does not show a bit of her past mistreatment. She is gaining weight, loves people, her toys and will play ball with you till you drop from exhaustion. Please come give this sweet girl a look if you are ready to adopt.

Everest is a beautiful big boned girl ready to show this world WONDERFUL comes in ALL sizes. 
She is 1.5 years old, female, Terrier mix. This girls walks well on a leash, can play ball for hours and is a lover of humans and other dogs. If you are ready for an all around FAbULoUS pet...this girl is for you







Sam is a Collie / Beagle mix just waiting to be rescued. Sam would like to be rescued by a large family with lots of love to give. He in return will play ball for hours and smother you with kisses. Sam weighs about 40 lbs. and we do not think he will get any bigger. Come see this boy.

Stormy is a 4-5 yr old Shepherd. Who loves other dogs but can get too excited and rough when playing. He would be best in a active home, with experienced shepherd people. ​She is a wonderful shepherd looking for her furever home. 

This is Karli. She is 4 years old. She hasn't been spayed.She has been on heartworm prevention since I've had her. She is very loving and has lots of energy. She has been a kennel dog all of her life. She is good with my 10 year old grandson but she would have to gradually get used to children. Never seen aggression in her though. She will try to dominate another female if she can get by with it

Hannah the Shepherd
Hannah the Shepherd is a 7yr old AKC Purebred. Who is retired an looking for her furever home. We tried to take nice pictures of her. But Hannah had other ideas , She decided to chase a few horses and then go for a swim in the pond before her pics were taken . We will try another day 
         Randy (F)                                 Terry (F)                                Oakley (M)                            Forest (F)
  The Graveyard Pups

These sweet little's were found wandering around a graveyard in Tupelo Mississippi. Not a normal lace to find 4 playful puppies running around; they are approx 5-6months We were lucky enough to find them and help them find new homes! They are doing fabulous now, learning everyday! Adopt one of these cuties today!

    Queenie is a German Shepherd that she is house broken and is about one year old though She looks to be 9-10 months old. She appears to have been body clipped and I would suspect she is either a long hair or very plush coat girl. She is big boned and possibly could do more growing. This girl needs a home with out small dogs or females. She does fine with med-large male dogs. I would also say no cats because of the shepherd prey drive. Kids 5+fine 

Our newest Pups;
 Names  and More info coming son!

Its a Litter of 6. They are getting fixed Wednesday. 4 males 2 females. 2 vaccines. lab / boxer mixes! We are guessing right around 8 weeks old.

     Appollo (M)          Leo(M)&Alex (M)            Leo (M)  
Motley is a 2.5 year old, male Mountain Cur.
Motley is a trained squirrel dog looking for a new home.
Motley is registered with the Original Mountain Cur Breeders Association

Emily is a 1 year old, female, Collie mix looking for a new home. Sweet as can be and kid friendly
         Ace (M)         Penny(F) & Katie (F)          Alex (M)                   Penny(F)
   Adopted!         Leo- Adopted!       Adopted!
     Adopted                Adopted!                                      Adopted!
2 Cute Little Pups Looking
 for their homes!

These little pups were rescued by this little girl. Found as strays. They are now all vetted and ready to go.
 Homes for Happy Dogs is a non-profit that runs on volunteer work, adoption fees and donations.        
     Donations are always welcome.
  Please bring them to transport pickup
or Contact us for drop off location

Dry dog food - Diamond Naturals
Bleach/Fabulouso cleaners
Dog toys​: Kong,and Smart Toys
Dawn dish soap
Martingale Style Collars/Leashes
Easy Harness's
Paper Towels
Pumpkin,Peanut Butter,and Treats 

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Weekend Barn Sale's ! 

Every Friday and Saturday 

988 Meadow Rd 
Casco Me, 04015


Diesel is a 9 month old, male, Labrador mix. He wants to be with you and sit next to you all the time. We can tell hes een in a home before. This boy is as loving and smart as he is good looking. He is at our house in foster and is awaiting his furever home!

                This guy is a 8-10 month old Rottweiler mix (best guess). He was rescued by an elder man who can no longer keep up with him. He is sweet, loving and looking for his new home! Will you be this guys saving grace?
Spot aka Shelby

Is a Great Pier/mix pup. 
She is about 12-14 wks old and full of love! 
She is already spayed, up to date on her shots and awaiting her furever home!
Cinderellas Family

These tiny little munchkins are SUPER tiny!
 Terrier mixes possibly Rat terrier or something(not sure). Mom; whose pictures will be coming soon.
  Is a scruffy mutt about 10-20lbs tops.
Mom is available and 3 pups!
 Named accordingly
Mom (Picture soon):  Lady Tremaine
Scruffy girl: Cinderella
Black head, white body: Anastasia
Black and Tan : Drezel