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At Homes for Happy Dogs, we get a new group of quality dogs shipped in from all over the country on a weekly basis. 

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***To be considered for adoption or foster, you MUST fill out an  Adoption Application and read and agree to the Terms & Conditions.***
 The dogs and puppies below's Adoption Fee is $375 
 Plus you pay transport $140 via Paypal: Total $515 *
(Unless Stated otherwise in RED)

        Minnie is a GREAT little Jack Russel/ lab / boxer mix possibly. (AKA H-57) She is wonderful on the leash. car rides and going into stores. She is very well socialized and plays with all size dogs but can play rough and is vocal when playing. She is scared of cats currently (doesn't know what to do)  and crate trained. She is about 5 months old and She is awaiting her furever home with us in Casco Maine. She has a Reduced adoption fee of only $275! To help fine her a home!

        This is Little Hermione. She was found in a ditch very hungry and abandoned. Thank goodness for the children that found them are raised with animal lover and a rescue family! Can Little Hermione join your family and find her furever home?

 Prince Steelie Charming

     Prince (formally Steelie) is in search of his perfect home. He is almost 3, does great on leash using a easy walk harness and martingale collar set. He loves other dogs although he can have issues with un-fixed males. He is living with his current foster family in Casco. He has a tendency to ignore most people who he has no care in meeting. This will also make it harder to find his perfect home, as it will only take him a few seconds to decide if her likes you and gets all happy. Thats what hes looking for; the perfect person or couple that sets his wiggle going. (like he is with his fosters). He is a wonderful boy with a heart of gold. He talks great to other dogs, is all up to date on his shots, Fixed and well trained.  His adoption fee is $475
Frosty the Ferret

      Frosty is a fixed female cream and white ferret. Not an albino. She was originally found on a dog path in concord nh, She loves dogs and will play with kids as well. She knows how to defend her self if a dog becomes to much. She was a Therapy Ferret and went to schools and teach children the difference between therapy animals and service animals. She loves being handled or just sleeping all day. She not a ferret you have to handle to keep her friendly. Shes a naturally friendly. She eats dog food (because she hates ferret food) with ferret vitamins atop or your salad leftovers. She comes with a over $500 Ferret Nation Cage big enough for a large number of ferrets because shes spoiled. She likes people and dogs more than other ferrets. So she prefers a home without other ferrets that will pick on her. Her Adoption fee is $275