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Happy Tails (Updates in Process.) 
                                                              The following dogs have all been adopted from Homes For Happy Dogs. We would like to thank all of the families who have helped to give a rescued dog a forever home. Thank you so much!
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        "We are totally in love with this sweet girl. She is feeling more at home each day!! Here are a few pics!! 
Her forever name is now Tula!!" 
    Thank you Ann for being a great foster and for helping Tulip through her adjustments.


​Hi Stephanie and Brandon -

     Oh my goodness!!! Micah is the sweetest, best behaved (not to mention cutest) furbaby ever. I love him to pieces!
   Thank you for helping him to come home!

 - Judy
                           Max aka Keely
​      "First night home was incredible! I know that he will be the perfect fit for our family."
                           Zeus aka Ink

       "Hi there .. Zeus aka ink is such an amazing puppy ! He has learned all his commands.. He is so sweet and lovable ... The best personality ... House broken in a matter of days... Sleeps in his crate at night and loves it... He is just amazing ... Doing wonderful .... He is getting big fast ! Very long legs... We just love him so much ... Here are some pics..".

        This is one of Lolas babies home with his new family.
                                          Caterpillar (now Axel)

Hello Stephanie,

       Catapiller is doing really good. We ended up changing his name to Axel after a fallen soldier. Axel and our son Austin get along good. Axel is very protective of him. Axel likes to run when outside. He listens when we put him in his kennel. He's doing great!

Thanks so much, Stephanie! 
This guy has been such a joy.
           Hey there! We just wanted to send our love to all of you who do such amazing work at HFHD. Tillie is AMAZING and has learned so much since we adopted her in September. She makes us very happy humans. 
          Hey there! We just wanted to send our love to all of you who do such amazing work at HFHD. Tillie is AMAZING and has learned so much since we adopted her in September. She makes us very happy humans. 🙂
          Hi Stephanie, Beetle, now known as Pebbles has settled into his new home and is growing quickly at an average of 3 lbs/week. He is a smart and friendly pup who knows come, sit, down, off and he has been trained to ring a bell to go outside. This Mississippi puppy has learned to love the snow. He enjoys meeting people, other dogs and gets excited about going to doggie daycare. It's been seven weeks and I cannot imagine my life without him.
Thank you so very much!!!
We are so in love with our new member of the family!
The woman was professional, and it all went very smoothly!
Thank you guys so much!💕☺
He is such a great boy!

Bruin celebrating his first birthday with some doggy ice cream! Best dog we could have ever asked for! Thank you Homes for Happy Dogs!
          Marcie (formerly Moxie), is loving life in her new home. Her brother, Benji, is very proud of his new little buddy! Thanks for helping us find the perfect pup for our family.
             Pretty Pretty Patty! ❤ Thank you!

      We adopted "Thelma" in July. We named her Tika. 
Thank you for answering all our questions and being patient with us. We enjoyed working with Homes for Happy dogs. Goods luck in your future endeavors!
                  We can't say enough about this guy, Diesel (aka Blackie), is my love boy, I am greeted with hugs and lots of kisses every day no skipping either of them. He is my buddy, and I am so happy I found him at Homes for Happy Dogs. He is almost a year old now, and he won't get much larger than his current 55/60 pounds, but size doesn't matter when his love for me and my family is so big.
2 success stories!
             Lucy the feral dog from Mississippi <3 Lucy has made a lot of progress in the 7+ months that I have had her. She no longer has her crate. She gave it up on her own a few months back. I remain the only one she trusts completely but she follows Bob into the bedroom at night and sleeps on the floor on the rug on his side of the bed. She loves the 2 cats. She has gotten away from me twice outside and has come back. The last time I just called to her and said, "let's go back in the house" (something I always have said to her when it is time to go back inside) and she beat me to the door and sat waiting for me to let her in. She knows how to sit on command and shake "hands". She loves a massage and back rub. She loves to be brushed. She demands treats by nudging me or putting her head on my lap. She is completely house-trained, having had less than a handful of accidents in the first week or two. She does a low whine when she has to go out and if that does not get my attention, she nudges my arm and will even paw me. I caught her wagging her tail in her sleep the other day and during another dream, I heard her growling. She has never growled while awake. She has only ever given a few short protest barks when one of the cats tries to get her treat. She loves her toys and will decimate them in short order. She has more to learn. She remains fearful of anything or anyone new. She is going to have to learn to ride in the car as she has yet to do that. We were working on that when I got sick but come spring, we will start again. Her periods of fear do not last long anymore. She used to regress for a day or so but now is over an upset within hours. She no longer gets afraid if a car is moved from its usual place in the driveway and even ignores a visiting car parked there. There was a time if any one of our cars were parked a few feet off, she would cower and refuse to go outside. Considering her first days with us, she has made remarkable progress overall. Here she is with her dental stick treat. I love Lucy!

            Winston, (formerly Taffy) is pretty excited about his first Christmas! Thank you for allowing him to brighten my life!
More to come..Still Editiing
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