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These dogs are in need of Fostering! 

           Homes for Happy Dogs is family-owned and operated right here in New England. We are committed to saving dogs of all shapes and sizes. Which means sometimes we need fosters. Fosters are there to help transition the dog to normal everyday life. Help with the training and socialization of their foster dog and help keep them healthy and happy until they find their furever home. Do you think you could be a foster for one of these dogs in need? Contact us today! 

Interested in Being a Foster?
Our Lovable Dogs and Pups Looking for a Foster:
Katie Perry

Katy Perry was pregnant when we rescued her. She Has had her Puppies and is learning house manners. She still likes to jump up to get attention. Although now if u say no, She will Sit and look at you to request attention. She knows Sit, No, Leave it, Down and Off. Obviously she is still a puppy at heart and needs someone to help her learn household manners; house training (She does o.k. now and will ask to go out).  When Her puppies are ready for her to leave her nest. We are going to need a great foster to help teach her the normal ways of life. She loves ball; getting attention from all humans. She was guarding toys and treats when she first got here. Now she normally wont.If she starts to grow; we can just say no. She then stops and walks away. She was found in Mississippi on the street pregnant. So she probably had to scavenge for food and water, which may be why she used to guard and has to learn house manners. 

She is looking for a Foster and/or her Furever home!

She's in love with Kids, So a family would work great ! Although She also Loves individual attention, car rides and other dogs.
So she would also be fine in a smaller household; like a couple or single woman as well.