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Our adoption procedures hve been revised in order to help adopters find just the right pet.   Please FIRST fill out an application so we can help you. Availability of our dogs is updated DAILY, so if a dog is on the site, he or she is currently available or has an adoption pending. Once a dog is adopted, we take him or her off the site that very day.  If you have any questions or need assistance completing this form, please contact us via Email by clicking on the "Adoption Assistance" link below:


1.Name of dog(s) you are inquiring about?

2.IMPORTANT:  Please read the following and accept or decline, using the Yes/No check boxes. 
This inquiry/application does not hold a dog for you.  It simply begins the inquiry/adoption process.  Do you understand and agree with this statement?


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12.If this Dog is not available, would you consider a different Dog?  If so, please describe the type of dog you feel would be a good match for you:

13.Please list the ages of your children, if any and ages of any other people living in your house:

14.Would anyone who lives in your house object to adding a dog?  Please explain

15.Have you ever owned a dog and if so, what type?  What happened to him/her?  Please list all dogs owned:

16.Do you currently have other Pets?  Please list type/breed and personality:

17.Describe your outside area fencing and where your dog will stay during the day.  Please be specific, listing all possible scenarios:

18.Are all your Pets current on their vaccinations?

19.Are all your pets spayed or neutered?

20.Name and phone number of current Veterinarian:

21.Do you Own, Rent or Board?


22.What website did you locate this Dog?

23.If you chose "other", please list the website name:

24.Name and phone number of landlord if applicable:

25.Do you understand that owing a dog is a long-term commitment, lasting sometimes as long as 15 years or more?


26.And that, in adopting a dog you are committing that you will provide him/her safety and proper care for the remainder of his/her life, to include a comfortable, safe environment, ample daily food and fresh water?


27.Please explain why you are ready to adopt a dog?

28.Do you understand that owing a dog requires a monetary commitment that may exceed your expectations?


29.And that, in adopting a dog you will be responsible for annual vaccinations and checkups, monthly heartworm protection, periodic worming and following standard levels of care as recommended by your veterinarian?


30.Do you understand that Homes For Happy Dogs, LLC must be contacted if any animal adopted at or through Homes For Happy Dogs, LLC is to be Re-Homed for any reason?


31.Do you agree to contact Homes For Happy Dogs, LLC via Email or Phone to setup an appointment to return your dog if you intend to surrender/give-up ownership of your adopted dog?


32. Homes for Happy Dogs, LLC reserves the right to perform a check-up visit to the adopter's home.  Do you object to a home visit?


Homes For Happy Dogs, LLC will not be responsible for any health problems which arise after the adoption date.  Standard protocol for each animal adopted has been provided, per our supporting veterinarians.  No Dog who has been found to have any communicable health problem can travel into New Hampshire, per the NH Department of Agriculture.

33.After adopting your dog, do you agree to contact Homes For Happy Dogs, LLC immediately if you notice any signs of vommitting, diarrhea, lethargy, lack of appetite or a cough with the first seven days of adoption?


Homes For Happy Dogs, LLC will not be responsible for any cost that may occur post adoption.  All dogs have been examined prior to transport and issued an Interstate Heatlh Certificate.  Dogs required to have a NH quarantine will be re-examined by a licensed NH Veterinarian and issued a NH Health Certificate if the dog passes.

Please Note:  If for any reason you decide not to keep your adopted dog you are required to call and schedule an appointment as stated above.  Homes For Happy Dogs, LLC rents shelter services and must coordinate dog intakes with shelter management and staff.

By submitting this online application, I affirm the facts submitted are true and complete.  I certify that I have read this entire application and understand each point and question as outlined above.  I also certify that I have read and agree to Homes For Happy Dogs, LLC terms and conditions located on our website; or here by clicking this link: TERMS & CONDITIONS

Thank you for taking the first step toward a succesful adoption

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